Our new en devour with Lego toys is to create a math kit for young math learners.

The design is simple and engaging.  The initial step is to get online and get ideas that can be combined to develop a kit that is simple and fun.  Lego toys inspire creativity.

The Flexible Ruler

For our first creation we made a flexible ruler that can be shaped into different geometric symbols.

We are using 1 x 6 flat bricks and 1 x 2 hinge plates.  For kids, we will have them learn to make triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, diamonds, and rectangles..  ( working progress )

Fun Lego Scales

For the second math tool, we will take inspiration from master builder ISOGAWAYoshihito

His scale system is simple for kids to explore how heavy objects are compared to 2 x 2 bricks.

The marvel of this balancing system is that most part can be found in your boxes.   More to come…..