This year my son wanted the new Lego Tie fighter.   I was like, cool, but…..  The price blew me away.  Since Lego emphasizes that it wants every kid to enjoy creating with bricks, it would be awesome if you can rummage and use old Lego bricks and reinvent models.



So, I went to : and found the earliest Lego Tie fighter model.


Close enough!  I figure that by now, one can build a Lego model this unique…

Lego’s motto should have a system where you can cross build.   I know it can cut into a profit driven business, but Lego’s strength is in its ability to recreate Lego with Legos.  Does that make sense?

After 6 months of scavenging at a second hand Lego bin, along with our Legos from old sets, he was able to re-engineer the model below.



Now we are searching for Darth Vader pieces to complete the set.  We learned how to scavenge for pieces, patience, and re-engineering.  The idea is to create a model with pieces you own and pieces you find.

For out next project we will attempt to build Darth Vader’s Tie fighter……